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Many viewers feel confident that Burton is the real Jason, with Miller playing the long-lost twin Drew, and Kelly Monaco's Sam will have some tough decisions to make soon.

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Why the writers decided to give Dukhee a warm farewell without any ramifications is also baffling.

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The 1820 Revival and Joseph's First Vision Joseph Smith's story claims that in 1820 there was a religious excitement in Palmyra in which "great multitudes united themselves to the different religious parties." He said that revival caused him to ask God which church was right and that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared and told him they were all wrong.

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Because none of the platforms we tested were exorbitantly priced, we didn’t weigh cost too heavily when ranking them.

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That made me start thinking about an idea that seems to be gaining traction. Their inability to see outside the confines of their own insulated world has them grasping tenuously to a losing belief system on how to both develop young athletes, as well as adapt to the many opportunities athletes have in addition to being on the high school team.