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The world would change human behaviour, but Christ can change human nature.

I was walking down the busy road of RA Puram in Chennai looking for a quaint bookstore located in the garage of a building, that houses the rarest of books – first editions, magazines and advertisements dating back to 1930s - but not many know about it.

In fact, Les Mis (as it has colloquially come to be called) is now internationally famous as a sing through musical.

It has been seen by more than 70 million people in 44 countries and in 22 languages around the globe.

You can also trace the advertising history of many conglomerates such as L&T, Coca Cola, Lakshmi Mills etc.

The books are all piled up and only Govindaraju knows which one’s where, but he doesn’t want any helper as he believes the pleasure of finding a book is sometimes even greater than reading it.“During the entry itself (some) rub their noses, seeing how dusty it is in here.I come from a very small town in India, not even sure if they have marked it on the political map.When I moved to Delhi 5 years ago I saw the ‘real world’ — fast cars, fancy food, good wine, coffee breweries, big roads, millions of brands and a plethora of choices of products.he book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is a classic novel from the 19th century.Its complexities and twists and turns remind me of a traditional Hindi Bollywood movie with the intense emotion and complex story line.

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