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The name ' Schnapsen' derives from 'to snap', which means take a trick with a trump.Schnapsen is wide-spread in Germany, Austria and Hungary and one of the most popular Austrian card games.Of course you can also join a round already opened by another player.It will be displayed at the right side of the table which player's turn it is, the remaining time to take your turn as well as the stake and your credit.

A trick is taken by the most valuable card unless it contains a trump card (Atout).

You can view the current score on a notepad at the left side of the playing field.

Your current number of points you have collected with tricks and announcements is displayed below your player name.

Players are dealt 5 cards at the beginning of each game.

A card will be turned over to determine the trump suit (with Schnapsen the trump is called ' Atout' due to the French roots of the game).

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