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This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Silgagi and T reuter, Wortkonkordanz zum Decretum Gratiani, Munich, 1989/90 Some abbreviations have been expanded Friedberg's use of quotation marks has been rationalised (single quotes [27 hex] for quotes within quotes) and completed as far as possible, as has his somewhat erratic use of square brackets to distinguish additions made by the Correctores Romani to the text. No attempt has been made to distinquish between opening and closing quotes Some of the text has been enclosed between a minus and a plus sign to denote commentary. divisions; square-bracketed additions by the CR; the word PALEA; the 13th century paragraph divisions (@. -- "A collection of patristic texts, conciliar decrees, and papal pronouncements"--Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. Moreover, no one is at liberty to resign his office unless he is certain of revenues for his competent support. The latter term is used for renunciations that are made in favour of a third person, or with reservation of a pension, or when incumbents exchange benefices.The causes for which resignations are lawful are given in verse in the "Corpus juris canonici" (cap.Encoding format: OCP markup employed Hyphens from printed version have been removed Obvious printing errors have been corrected, but not if there is a possiblity that these could represent medieval ms. OTA website Title proper taken from title at beginning of text Publication based on this text: Wortkonkordanz zum Decretum Gratiani / bearbeitet von Timothy Reuter und Gabriel Silagi.

He was sent north to study and is found lecturing in canon law at Bologna, Parma (1411–1418), Siena (1418 – c.en bevat een indrukwekkende verzameling canonieke teksten van de hand van de Italiaanse monnik Gratianus (ca. De tekst wordt gevolgd door een uitgebreide nabespreking van de hand van Bartholomaeus Brixiensis (ca. Het is een echt standaardwerk binnen het kerkelijk recht en dus onmisbaar in de bibliotheek van een bisschop. De schitterende manuscripten werden bijeengebracht door Raphaël de Mercatellis, zoon van de Bourgondische hertog Filips de Goede en vanaf 1578 abt van de Sint-Baafsabdij te Gent.Like many of the medieval jurists, he was known in his own time by various sobriquets: ‘Abbas Siculus’ from his origins in Catania in Sicily and from the fact that he was abbot of Santa Maria de Maniaco in Messina (1425–1434), ‘Abbas modernus’ to distinguish him from Bernardus de Montemirato (‘Abbas antiquus’, c.For example, in the chapter on canonical remedies, Helmholz discusses the classical canon law principle of restitutio in integrum (that is, restoration to one's prior condition).This principle gave a party, such as a minor, who was "unjustly disadvantaged by an otherwise legal transaction or procedure" the right to "undo its effects" (95).

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