Dating as a adolescence

Victimization and perpetration of relationship abuse were associated with self-reports of poor physical health and more concerns about health.

Perpetration and victimization of relationship abuse were related to depressive symptoms and anxiety, equally for both males and females.

In a presentation at the National Institute of Justice, principal investigator Peggy Giordano stated, “It actually would be important to get a start early as they’re navigating these relationships, and try to interrupt these processes before they become chronic or firmly entrenched."[4] Second, ending relationship violence potentially depends on teaching and fostering higher quality romantic relationships.The most recent incident of relationship abuse produced the strongest influence on depressive symptoms.The analyses of this unique longitudinal sample of adolescents and young adults provide several insights for policy and practice.This may be due to the accumulation of violent relationship experiences.An interesting result emerged when the data were restricted to only adult reports of relationship violence; those with adulthood-onset of relationship abuse on average reported more concentrated abuse within a shorter timeframe.

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August 28, 2017Teen dating violence is a critical public concern and a potential precursor to intimate partner violence in adulthood.

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