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My children are grown, so I'm a very late bloomer to writing fan fiction. I've always loved to read, so quite unexpectedly, I started writing in March 2009! ) Twitter AO3 - Profile Page Feisty-voices.Livejournal - Writing Community (My short stories and novels)ooo February 4, 2018 / Status/Top Stories*I have a new Clois story set post-Justice League, and it’s fluffy and sweet. Also, check out my most popular stories listed below. ): Tumblr - My Writing (This one works!Author has written 79 stories for Smallville, Superman, Lois and Clark, Avatar, Terminator, Star Wars, Superman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Once Upon a Time, Mission: Impossible, New Girl, Thor, Beauty and the Beast, 2012, Flash, Supergirl, Man From U. I hope you like these stories, and don't forget my older stories. You know it's true what they say: Post series finale - Okay! The tribe will face peril and the Toruk will fly again! 4-I Had a Date ~ A happy ending most people wanted.5-Man of Steel - A Risk Worth Taking ~ A true Clark Kent/Superman & Lois Lane (CLOIS), my all-time favorite ship, rules around here guys and rightly so. Neytiri must find a way to live after tragic events transpire, and she must protect her unborn child and the Omaticaya from an new enemy, who they once counted as one of them.Written with these prompts: breathless, denial, long-distance, surprise. This one shot was my take on what should have happened at least a little. A one shot written for the Superman Movieverse Pairings Challenge with the prompts: Bad Superman, Lois Lane, dream, jealousy, punish, submit. Now that the reveal is out of the way, Clois will have a lot to work out. This is the third and last in a series of stories started last December at 12Days of Clois.You could also look at this as a prelude to my multi-chapter story entitled "Now or Never."Lois and Clark had so many chances to make it work, but could there really be one more? A New Beginning and Paradise Found began the story. Lois and Clark have returned from their honeymoon and they're still in that 'mode.' Lois is pregnant, although they don't know it yet, and Clark begins his new position with the Justice League. This one-shot was written as part of the 12Days of Clois LJ Community 2009 Christmas Challenge. Summary: Lois & Clark are on their honeymoon in Hawaii, but fate intervenes. This is an AU story centering on Lois and Clark and their twins Lara and Jonathan.The story continues years later in Metropolis after the Kryptonian attacks. It came about by a Tumblr photo-set to stir my Muse into writing a Mo S Lois and Clark fiction (which will be my seventh by the way)! In this story, Clark is on the fence about Lois, so she takes matters into her own hands. Man of Steel (2013) & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

Mostly written with these prompts from a follower on Tumblr: Barry is a pop star; Iris is an actor. Gaby Teller and Illya Kuryakin are seasoned spies on a mission to save the world. Gaby and Illya are about to find out just how deep those feelings go. I thoroughly enjoyed writing Thor/Jane last year in my Captain America/Avengers fanfic, I Had A Date. Growing up with Superman on my television for decades solidified my love for superheroes, movies about superheroes, and of course, television shows about superheroes. 2-You Opened My Eyes ~ A one shot still holding strong.3-Man of Steel - Stolen Moments ~ A fun read (mostly)! But who believes it's really him and where has he been all this time? Lois suffers writer's remorse from her Pulitzer winning article. Milton Fine's the new owner @ the Planet and seems to have an obsesion for detroying Clark's life from within. I knew deep inside that this ability to write has always been there and now, I still feel the same way. Top Five this week (based on Story Views):1-Different (Smallville TV/Clark/Lois/Clois)2-MOS-Stolen Moments (Mo S/Bv S/Clark/Lois/Clois)3-I Had a Date (CA/TWS/Steve/Peggy/Steggy)4-SR-Healing Hearts (SR/Clark/Lois/Clois)5-A Lot to Talk About (Smallville TV/Clark/Lois/Clois)ooo All-Time Top Five (based on Story Views):1-A Lot to Talk About ~ My first story ever (iz shocked)!While in Paris, they were 'papped' together and now there are rumors that they're dating. You could look at this as a companion to that story, but you don't have to read that to know what's happening, but don't let me stop you! Well, readers, this is the last day and the last fiction for this challenge.Westallen 'prompt' Week will end today - Day #7 – Smut or Anything else; that seems appropriate. But speaking of porn, I will have another Barry and Iris fiction for a different challenge (Porn Battle XVI) next month. In this AU story, Iris is a cop, but also she's in love with her childhood crush Barry Allen. *Spoilers* Late last night, on-set photos were leaked onto the Internet.

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