Dating tips for women body language

I used to envy this guy through my college days because I was never able to understand what he was doing.This is an outstandingly effective method of seduction that can be applied to many guys with social anxiety issues, as one only needs to interact with the girl.Body language plays a key role in every interaction and is a very important part in human communication.This is why it’s very important for us men to understand PROPER body language and to work on conveying that during our interactions with women and the people around us.This guy is usually very popular and is part of many social circles.Having so many connections means he’s usually everywhere and almost everyone knows him.His body language is that of a laid back, relaxed guy, uninhibited by beautiful women.

Women, on the other hand, have a natural way of noticing proper male body language and they’re also naturally attracted to the men that convey it.To give you a better understanding of how this process works, I’m going to exemplify a few male stereotypes that constantly convey proper body language and how it works to their advantage.Although these men are stereotypes that have probably developed their body language naturally, observing their behavior, trying to mimic it and applying it to your life can only be beneficial.His behavior is attractive because he knows how to act around women.He knows how to tap into a woman’s emotions and make her feel good, and he knows how to LISTEN, a trait forgotten by many men.

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Everyone around him sees that he’s running the show, which puts everyone in his close vicinity under his control.

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