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It would not surprise me if she doesn't win another major title or perhaps 1 at the most.

I was a bit disappointed with Victoria Azarenka though. Hopefully I'll have another update at the weekend of days 5 and 6. 244 HD images from the first two days of Wimbledon.

Around half the images with this update are of Eugenie Bouchard.

That is because we have images from her quarter-final, semi-final and final. The reason why I enjoyed it so much was to see someone play that good and literally blow the other player away with their skill. Not brilliant obviously but that's because she couldn't because her opponent was that good that she didn't give her the opportunities to shine.

Zarina Diyas from Kazakhstan was also pretty cute too.

That's why it takes forever to name the images for this update. Highlight with this update was probably seeing Alize Cornet beat Serena Williams.

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So I was really pleased she got all the way to the final. 7 years younger obviously but she does look really young in them.

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