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Alice leads a routine life as an escort and dodges social contact.

When she's forced to take care of her son after the death of her ex, her apparent indifference seems to fade away and she gets confronted with her emotional emptiness.

Various orchestrations have been made of the various preludes, mostly of La fille aux cheveux de lin and La cathédrale engloutie.

Complete orchestrations of all 24 preludes include versions by Peter Breiner, Luc Brewaeys, Hans Henkemans, and Colin Matthews.

There is a strong tonal relationship between the preludes that suggests that the published order of the preludes is not arbitrary.

disappear and reappear, yet a strong sense of fluidity and connection between the preludes is still maintained.

A young woman who moves to Paris with a disaster past.However, the order of the preludes is not considered imperative, as is the case with Chopin's preludes, for example.Several pianists have performed the set out of order, and at least one recording, by Ivan Ilić, changes the order of the set entirely.After the departure of Botello, Sessler continued to host at the Metreon by himself, until the change to X-Play in April 2003.Game reviews were run in a segment known as The Grill (games were graded on Game Spot's official 0.1-10.0 system), Spotlight showcased special content such as interviews with industry leaders, and Game Breakers featured strategy guides and hints for recently released games.

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