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Director Gabriela Tagliavini Main cast Eva Longoria; Christian Slater; Oscar Nunez; Kate del Castillo Genres Comedy, Romance Description The women of a remote Latin American town are forced to pick up the pieces and remake their world when all the town's men are forcibly recruited by communist guerrillas.A year after her long time boyfriend showed up at his surprise birthday party with an uninvited date, Laura hits rock bottom and decides to try her luck at a dating agency.Catherine invents her own (fictitious) lovers, temporarily improving matters.Alas, accession to the throne brings out the worst in Peter, and loyal Catherine is urged to assume power.After multiple failures to impress her during their brief daily transactions, he finds her street address in the store's database, drives to her apartment building and initiates an unconventional campaign to win her affections.

His memories fade away, so he engages a young woman to tell him stories about all the movies ever made.Epic film of the legendary Spanish hero, Rodrigo Diaz ("El Cid" to his followers), who, without compromising his strict sense of honour, still succeeds in taking the initiative and driving the Moors from Spain.Aviator Marie Vallières de Beaumont (Cotillard) goes on a journey to find her lover Bill Lancaster after his plane disappears in the Sahara.But when his duplicitous relationships with three women -- impassioned waitress Cici, meticulous lawyer Lorena and bored socialite Patricia -- spiral out of control, he suffers a mental breakdown.His doctor recommends that he choose just one girlfriend -- but can he choose in time before they discover his deception?

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Unfortunately, matters of the heart are just as complicated in the wilds as they are in the big city.

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