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Continue reading Surely you’ve read last week’s groundbreaking post about people who discuss sex in their dating profiles. I’ve been contacted by some very important and people, and talk is we’re up for a Peabody. So I prepared myself with some liquid courage and dropped in for a drink at the bar where he worked (per his invitation, of course). I only felt mildly awkward – that giddy kind of awkward I think you’re supposed to feel when you care about connecting with someone new.It turned out wonderfully, exceeding my expectations. We shared a very fun make out session - all hands and tongue - on a picturesque New York City street. We didn’t sleep together, but we were intimate, and we both enjoyed it.This became a pattern over the next week during our physical separation. Considering our short history together, my uneasiness was amplified with each “I miss you,” but I continued to bypass his declarations in attempt to continue at the pace that I felt comfortable with.

His remarks varied from “Why do you need to be with other guys? ” to “I don’t sleep around,” and a whole repetitive slew of the like.

He would waver between machine-gun paced question after question (without room for any response), drawn-out textalogues on the subject, and then even threatening to cease talking to me completely. In retrospect it’s clear to me that, first off, his assumptions about me being promiscuous are not valid to make in response to what I told him of my dating style, and regardless, my promiscuity - assumed or not - is not reserved for his or anyone else’s judgment.

Moreover, his attempts to persuade me away from my position were antagonistic and clearly meant to confuse me, corner me, and discredit the answers I had already given him.

Or approaches you’ve never even considered that they can’t live without. Continue reading It’s hard to know when you’ve really hooked a girl. And I’m not sure what this says about me and the sort of people I attract, but …

Continue reading It’s never happened to me because, well, I write amazing emails.

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