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Couples should create a safe space to discuss anything without being ashamed.It’s important to talk about relationship temptations, as well as other things that might be tempting to keep secret—purchases that aren’t in the budget, explosions with the kids, failures at work, etc.“Most recognize that the problem exists within their cheating spouse, and the Internet is merely a means to a premeditated end.

“When intimacy and communication are good, the couple works as a team to see that their individual expectations are honored,” he says.

The issue undermining the couple’s trust should be discovered and removed for the marriage to thrive.” Either partner should be able to say, “I’m not okay with that activity,” and have that statement respected and not fought.

A wife may think it’s not a temptation for her to be Facebook friends with her high school boyfriend, but if her husband is uncomfortable, it is a problematic issue for the marriage.

D., of Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill., describes one way such extramarital relationships start.

“One spouse connects online with someone they knew from high school.

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