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By Brookstone - 9 but on Sale for on Amazon.

but there are sure to be sales and other sites with the same for less.

Also good for back pain or joint aches and icy tootsies.

How about black and red plaid for the hunter or outdoorsman Dad for on AMAZON. This beautiful blanket comes in two hues of blue and a green all of which research says are calming.Like this Con Air for but be sure to read the small print to see what makes for such a large discrepancy in price.CLOTHING: Get comfortable, easy to move in and put on, washable clothing only.They have a way to click right to your paypal account. Handy Man Box .00 One of the rare gifts for men with Alzheimers, he will be busy with the different latches and shapes on this box... Craftastic Empower Poster Kit - A great little kit that looks like a simple art project but does BIG things to inspire esteem and bolster identity (and it ain't just for kids).and may appreciate it more if he did woodwork, construction, repairs, etc.. Choose from a wide range of positive, descriptive words that describe and celebrate who you are and arrange them on brightly colored tissue and paper to decoupage. The senses are good to stimulate but in just the right way.

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