Manager of pid file quit without updating failed

Description: Failed to install an the client server RPM.

The server will not start: magare:~$ sudo rpm -i My SQL-client-5.1.25-0.glibc23.x86_64My SQL-server-5.1.25-0.glibc23.x86_64PLEASE REMEMBER TO SET A PASSWORD FOR THE My SQL root USER !

I inherited a computer that previously had My Sql server installed and then uninstalled (apparently, it ran fine before the uninstall).

I am in Database class, so I tried to install it again and now I get the error: I looked online and saw this error happened to others, but either a)I couldn't figure out how to do the fix or b)the fix didnt work for me.

The PID file in the My SQL data directory is gone and My SQL wont behave without it.

I tried restarting as there were problems with the slave status. Also check to ensure that there are no copies of mysqld running with this command ps -ef | grep mysqld | grep -v grep It should return nothing if it does return something then post the output back and we'll take a look Thanks!

Sometimes My SQL service fails to start when it faces difficulty in updating the log files.

The log files will be created automatically once you restart the My SQL service.

The following is from localhost./usr/local/mysql5/libexec/mysqld: Table 'plugin' is read only [ERROR]: Can't open the mysql.plugin table.

Inform us if you still get same error after removing pid file.

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