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I have also supplied links to any of these required pieces of software in the 'File Viewers' section of this Software Collection.

For more help on downloading and installing these files please see the Pilot Yid Help/FAQ page The following are various Hebrew documents that can be read on a Palm device. Most of these documents require some kind of reader to be installed on the Palm before they can be read.

Note, that this application will only work on Palm devices running at least Palm OS 5, and with a screen resolution of 320x320.

If you are not sure if this will work on your device, either try it out or email the author for assistance.

Choose a category from the list below and then click on the 'Search' link to see what Pilot Yid has for that category.

Then, click on the Download button to download the file, or click on the author's name to go to the author's Web page, or to e-mail the author when there is no Web page available.

The files include bookmarks to jump from one chapter to another.

Under each software or document description I have listed any other software or other requirements that will be needed to use the software or document.

The author would like to thank his teacher Rabbi Alan Furst for teaching him the mishnayos that gave him the idea for this document as well as Mr. Pnina Kaplan who helped him with his Hebrew studies.

This is a software bundle of the Dreidel (Dreidle) Game/Simulator and the Menorah Simulator plus the text of the book 'Maccabees'.

To see the various types of Hebrew Support available, please see the 'Hebrew Support' section of this Software Collection.

This is a DOC file in Hebrew of the 10th perek (chapter) of Gemara Pesachim, until the end of the mesechta (tractate), which discusses the various laws of Pesach (Passover).

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The file includes Rashi's commentary, as well as bookmarks.

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