New nanomaterials for consolidating stone

The threats to the industry are from ‐ (a) Ever‐greening strategy of MNCs for denying and limiting the patent cliff opportunities with debatable recourse to TRIPs and FTAs (b) Increasingly stringent regulatory and non‐tariff barriers to generics markets in developed countries (c) Increased competition for generics and bio‐generics production in terms of high capacity and production costs (d) High‐entry barriers to enable market share in development of new drugs.

Based on the above SWOT analysis, recommendations have been made in the 12 th Plan Document for – 1) Development and growth of the Industry 2) Strengthening of R&D Capabilities 3) Strengthening of human resource base for Industry 4) Affordability and Access to Quality Drugs The major recommendations concerning support for Industry growth are ‐ (a) Schemes for Upgradation of SMEs to WHO‐GMP, USFDA/EDQM/TGA and other International Standards (b) Support for new generics and bio‐generics through setting up of Formulation Development Centers and Manufacturing Standards Training Centers (c) Regional cluster‐based Industry development through establishment and upgradation of 10 Pharma Growth Area Clusters (d) Industry support to International market access through capacity building and inter‐governmental cooperation.

However, the Industry is quite fragmented and comprises of nearly 10,500 units with majority of them in unorganized sector.

Of these, about 300‐400 units are categorized as belonging to medium to large organized sector with the top 10 manufacturers accounting for 36.5% of the market share.

With this approach, the preparation of the 12 th Plan involved a detailed SWOT analysis of the Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry.

This analysis has revealed the following strengths: (a) Strong Low cost manufacturing sector (b) Significant breadth and depth of product expertise (c) Low cost of growing Human resources in the Pharma sector.

Pronab Sen made have been considered and a draft National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Policy has been formulated which seeks to control the prices of essential drugs as per the National List of Essential Medicines 2011 (NLEM‐ 2011).

To give a boost to the Medical devices Sector, a number of schemes have been proposed such as for ‐ (a) Setting up green‐field Medical Devices Park and (b) Setting up National Center for R&D in Medical Devices at NIPER Ahmedabad The 11 th Plan aimed at making the sick CPSUs financially viable through support for modernisation and rehabilitation as well as waiver of dues and payment of VRS packages.

vi Accordingly, Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd (HAL) and Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd(BCPL) were given support of over Rs.

As regards the Bulk drugs component of the industry, the market is around Rs 42,000crores giving it a share of around 50% of the total domestic market.

This gives the Indian Bulk Drug industry a share of about 9% of the global bulk drug market.

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The projected human resource requirement is around an estimated 21.5 lacs by 2020.

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