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Botafogo played a man down from the 57th after right back Lucas was sent off with a second yellow card for a hard foul on Fluminense playmaker Thiago Neves.

Fluminense hasn't won the Rio de Janeiro state title since 2005, although it was runner-up to Flamengo last year. Brazil does not follow the European football calendar.

Fred, who played for Brazil in the 2006 World Cup, equalized for Fluminense with a remarkable goal in the 44th, hitting a bicycle kick from near the penalty spot after a ball headed into the area.

“I never expected this would be happening.”It was Santos' 20th title in the tournament, tying Sao Paulo for the third most ever. The title comes just three days after the team's historic 8-0 win over Bolivar in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, the Latin American competition Santos is trying to win for a second straight year.Atletico Linense 0, Sao Caetano 2 Botafogo 3, Novorizontino 1 Corinthians 2, Ferroviaria 1 Mirassol 0, Sao Paulo 2 Bragantino 0, Sao Bento 1 Ituano 0, Santo Andre 0 Ponte Preta 1, Santos 2 Palmeiras 2, Red Bull Brasil 1 Corinthians 2, Sao Paulo 1 Novorizontino 1, Sao Caetano 0 Bragantino 0, Palmeiras 2 Sao Bento 0, Ponte Preta 1 Santos 1, Ituano 1 Santo Andre 1, Mirassol 1 Red Bull Brasil 2, Atletico Linense 1 Ferroviaria 1, Botafogo 2 Sao Bento vs. SAO PAULO (AP) -- Neymar scored twice to become one of Santos' top scorers in the post-Pele era on Sunday, helping his club defeat Guarani 3-0 in the first leg of the Sao Paulo state championship final.They are tied for 22nd all-time, all behind the 1,091 goals Pele scored for the traditional Brazilian club."I'm happy to reach another important mark with the club, it means a lot to me,'' Neymar said.

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