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Updated: JWPlayer to version 6.1 Updated: Service Passwords now remove hash and semicolons as these are interpreted by comments in config files.

Updated: It is no longer possible to change between Media Services, you should remove a service then recreate instead.

Updated: Cron Queue command limit increased to 15 actions per minute.

REMOVED: Systems/Clusters removed from Admin Dashboard. (WINDOWS) Updated: FTP Passwords now generate a Strong Password to be more compatible with c Panel FTP integration.Updated: Shoutcast RTMP & Shoutcast Restream Services set with a 30 second reconnect interval for better performance with many applications.Updated: Wowza services now clear cache on restart.Updated: It is no longer possible to change between Wowza Service Type, you should remove the service then recreate instead.Fixed: Replaced iconv with mb_convert_encoding due to bug in later version of iconv crashing script.

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