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there is a very important detail that seals the deal of this whole mess and of which many people are not aware: Sungmin's own fans either left the fandom or are still supporting him quietly, the ones creating this mess are not even his individual fans, they are fans of other members.

this is why i will never understand those i-fans who claim to understand where k-elf are coming froù. why are they more offended that Sungmin's own fans if what he did was really unforgievably disrespectful toward his fans?

We're asking for a basic level of respect to be kept.

We are all aware that we are the weaker side and that our favorite singers are in relationships that will lead to marriages.

That puts a lot of this into perspective, thank you.

fans accused him of disrespecting them and wrote a long ass list of reasons they think are goo enough to kick him out of the group but a- the reasons are no where near good enough and b- most of them don't have any proofs and are nothing more than exaggerations and rumours.https://..-about-sungmin/ their priority is to terrorize the other members to make sure they stay single for as long as possible and they are using Sungmin as a scapegoat.they are throwing Sungmin under the bus to scare the shit out of their own biases.I can imagine how bad it will get when he really gets one.Super Junior has a lot of individual stans who don't care about what happens to the group.

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