Updating ata controller firmware

With some advance planning, the firewall can quickly be returned to the previous release.Downgrading a full installation to previous releases directly in-place is not supported.The pre-upgrade configuration will need to be restored restored after the switch.The worst case scenario on upgrading is a Free BSD regression that prevents the firewall from booting successfully, or no longer communicating with the network. For a full install, this means reinstalling from a CD or Memstick for the previous release.The restore could be done after a reinstall or in-place upgrade changing the architecture, but the data must be backed up before the switch is made.In 2.2.x and earlier versions, the firmware update URL could be hard-coded to a user-specified value.

Also after the upgrade, the reboot binary will be 64-bit which cannot run on a 32-bit platform, so the system will fail to reboot on its own.

To ensure a smooth upgrade, note the installed packages, remove them, perform the upgrade, and then reinstall whichever packages are necessary.

The specifics of performing the actual firmware update (Automatic or manual) are covered in Firmware Updates.

It is always safest to remove packages before upgrading to a new major release.

Packages will be reinstalled afterward, but are frequently a source of problems.

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