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The show is famous as an equal-opportunity offender, frequently employing crass language, gruesome violence, and sex, and not shying away from mocking any institution or religion, including entire episodes devoted to mocking the theology of Mormons and an attack on the Church of Scientology.When Isaac Hayes, a practicing Scientologist and voice of the major(and popular)Chef character, threatened to resign the show if the Scientology spoof was aired, Parker and Stone aired it anyway, then had Chef suffer a horrible death at the hands of a devious cult in a later episode.The boys then get somehow caught up in the adults' absurd solution to the new situation, then the boys, usually Stan, solves the crisis at the end by being the sole voice of reason in a mad world.Through this format, series' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have commented the most controversial issues of the past two decades.My answer was to throw myself wholeheartedly into my business and everything else, so I wouldn't think about the problem.'Studies in Britain, Europe and America, involving thousands of women of all ages, indicate that anything between 30 and 50 per cent of women have been hit by prolonged periods of little or no sex drive.'There is no question that this is causing depression and a whole host of headaches, pains and other apparently unconnected physical problems,' says Mike Perring, a GP and sexual psychotherapist at University College Hospital, London.Kenny is poor and, muffled by his over-sized parka, can't really speak.In a popular running-gag, he was killed in every episode in seasons one through five.

But levels of testosterone in women decline naturally by an average of 50 per cent between the ages of 20 and 45, and continue to decline - though rather less dramatically - as part of the general ageing process.

When the school outlaws kickoffs in football games due to concussion concerns, Randy goes on a campaign to change things. with the idea of setting her up with Token because they're both black.

The problem is, due to his sarcasm, the outcome isn't exactly what he intended. He'll stop at nothing to make the match happen, including telling everyone that he and Kyle are gay.

Efforts to develop a testosterone patch, called Intrinsa - billed as the female answer to Viagra - in 2004, were abandoned because of fears the hormone treatment could cause blood clots or the development of bodily hair and other male characteristics.

Although other lower-dose, safer versions of the patches have come on to the market, they are not licensed to be prescribed by the NHS, so doctors wanting to prescribe it to women have to do so privately.

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